Wrentham Cable Access hours are from 9am through 5pm Monday - Friday. Call the station if you need access outside of those time frames. Have a bulletin you'd like to share with the community? Just call the station at 508-384-3888 and we'll be happy to help you out. Click our Facebook link below and Like us and keep abreast of all the action here at Cable 8....Also be sure to check out the Wrentham Cable 8 Community Calendar the most comprehesive community calendar in the town of Wrentham. All events in town from town meetings to church services to KP sports can found in one spot the Cable 8 Community Calendar......
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programs available for
March 23rd 7pm
Wrentham Cable Access will be
live streaming the 2018
Wrentham Dancing with the
Stars. Tune in for all the great
fun by navigating to You Tube
and searching for the Wrentham
Cable Channel by entering
Wrenthamcableaccess(one word
- No Spaces) in the search bar
the live streaming video will
appear in the you tube window
when we are streaming. you can
adjust it to full screen and HD by
using the You Tube controls.