Volunteering at Wrentham Cable Access is easy, Fun and Absolutely Free! All
volunteers will receive hands on training in the use of our equipment and will
over time experience all facets of Video production; Camera work, lighting,
audio engineering and video editing, all on the latest state of the art equipment.

Cable Access is a great way to express your creativity while assisting in the
broadcast of Community based programming. Shows which deal with issues
and subjects unique to Wrentham. Cable Access is also a way to meet new
friends and broaden your videotaping abilities.

Wrentham Cable 8 has two options for individuals interested in joining the
Cable 8 family. The first is by becoming a member, Wrentham Cable 8 is
incorporated as a Non Profit member run corporation. Membership, which is
free, is available to all Wrentham residents over the age of 18.  Membership
also enables you to vote for Wrentham Cable Access board members, to
borrow equipment for access related video production and either start your
own program or assist others in the creation of theirs.

The second option is that of a Volunteer.  Volunteers are generally non
Wrentham Residents who are unable to become actual member but yet want
to assist in the production of shows shown on Wrentham Cable 8.
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