King Philip Sports  - WCAC  
works hard to bring the community all
of the local high school sports action.
We have broadcast many of the
Football and, Basketball games as well
as Wrestling, Baseball, Lacrosse and
field hockey.
Concerts on the Common -  
Have you missed any of the great
summer concerts on the town
common? If so tune in to cable 8 we
will broadcast these great shows
sponsored by the Recreation
Department throughout the week.
Watch our schedule for air dates and
Americana -  A look at America
through the camera lens of Archival
films and documentaries made in the
30's and 40's. This show will have a
little of everything. Be sure to watch it
on Tuesdays at 10pm  channel 8 or
Verizon channel 39
The Alliance for Democracy is
a nationally syndicated show where
issues of the day are discussed
and debated. Mondays at 10pm
Comcast Channel 8 & Verizon
Channel 39
The Piano Guy - If you've ever
wanted to learn to play the piano or
improve your existing skills the Piano
Guy can be of help. The Piano Guy
airs Friday's at 9pm on both
channels 8 on Comcast or 39 on
Along the Blackstone -   If you
like local history this is the program
for you. Join Ranger Arning as he
investigates the history in the
Blackstone River Corridor, This
show airs on Fridays at 9:30
THE GARAGE - Follow along with your
host Steve Butler as he construct
some unusual projects. The Garage is
available on Comcast 8 or Verizon 39
check our schedule for recent shows
Expedition New England  -  
Join host Scott Tucker as he and his
family trek through the wilds of New
England to bring you a hands on
look at the creatures which live
there. On channels 8 on Comcast or
37 on Verizon.
Art 02093 - Sponsored by the
Wrentham Cultural Commission this
great new program highlights the
talents of Wrentham's diverese Art
Community. This show airs on
Saturdays  at 10:30
Smart Boating - Learn all there is
to know about boating the smart &
safe way. "Smart Boating", is an
informative weekly TV show,
developed to help boaters make more
informed, “smarter” decisions about
boating topics. Air On Channel 8 and
39 at 11pm Sundays
Your Federal Government - This
program looks at the many different
Governmental agencies and how
they help the country. Watch this
fascinating series Fri
days at 9:30pm
Shrink Rap -This monthly talk
show features Szifra Birke and Edna
Lezotte, often with a guest expert in
communications, emotional
intelligence, mental health or
addictions. Shows vary in content
from ADD coaching, money and
emotions to yoga and couples
therapy. This show will air on
Sunday's at 10:30 pm
Go Fishing with Dan Kenny -
this show is a great way to learn new
techniques, visit some great fishing
spots and listen to some great fish
tales.  Weds at 8pm and Friday's
Creations in Clay -Join host Louis
Palladini as he privides children with
step by step instructions in creating
fantastic and realistic clay creations.
This show airs most weekdays at 3:30
Emily's Garden - Join Emily as
she shares her wonderful sense of
gardening and playful outlook.
Emily's garden has been a longtime
favorite on Wrentham Cable. Check
our schedule for exact air dates and
Eat Well Be Happy - Watch
along as chef Debra Stark reveals
her unique cooking style. Debra is
joined by other well known chef in
a delightful half hour of quality
cooking. Mondays at 8pm
The Norfolk Knitting School -
offers you a complete step by step
guide on Knitting. Whether you are
an experienced novice or a
seasoned pro there is something for
everyone in this Great New Cable
Access program.  Check it out
Tuesday's at 7:30
Simple Gourmet -  Another great
cooking show this one an eye on
simple easy to follow recipes.
Tuesdays at 7:30p and Fridays 10