If you are interested in any of the courses Wrentham  
Cable Access provides call 384-6275 to reserve a
April 26, 2014
Video Editing Basics
This short 2 hour course will give the novice
video editor some insight into the basics of
Video Editing. The course will touch upon all
aspects of the editing process including,
utilizing still frames/photos audio management
and  the use of special effects. We'll also
discuss creation of Graphic titles. Be sure to
reserve your space now as class size will be
Television Production 7pm
Learn the elements of TV productions from
Studio directions to lighting . Class will be at the
studio at 7pm Call 384-6275  classes fill up
March 18, 2014
Green Screen Technology   
Learn the basics of Video production using
green screen technology that will enhance your
home video production or as first step on the
road professional video applications.  Be sure
to sign up in advance class size is limited.
Would you would like to receive instruction in any
aspect of Video Production in a private one on one
Session contact the station at 384-6275 we'll be
happy to put together that suits your needs and
time constraints.
All courses offered are free of charge and will take
place in our studio unless noted otherwise
We have acquired access to an online
professional Photoshop CS6 training course that
will guide you using detailed step by step lessons
which allow you to go at your own pace in
mastering Adobe's Photoshop. Your lesson will
take place at the Cable Access station and will be
a hands on 1 to 1 online lesson that will touch
upon all aspects of Photoshop. For additional
information or to schedule a lesson call the station
at 384-6275

We also have complete hands on Video training
courses for the following programs and

Adobe Premire
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Audition CS6
Adobe After Effects CS6
Microsoft Excell
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Office
Final Cut Pro

Call the Station for more details
March 4, 2014